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Business, brand and marketing strategy

Consulting, research, naming, ideation and planning

Digital design and development

UI/ UX design, logo and identity services, cloud applications, prototyping, web accessibility and user testing

Content creation and SMM

Story advising, photography, copywriting


A wardrobe in your pocket! Not simply upload your clothes to the app but see how it matches for the different occasions and current weather conditions!

RigMe will open compose the best look and suggest where to update your wardrobe, if needed.

We designed an app that simultaneously has two different style options for user’s interface, easily accessible at a side menu. Moreover, app analyze your location and weather conditions throughout the day, so you will not be caught with a rain unexpectedly.

UX/UI design | iOS applications development | Project management


Is a new way for artists to communicate with the audience. Through Flare, every concert participant is able to become the part of the light show!

On the front, we designed a simple to use product that transforms your mobile device into a part of the larger light show with a simple Join button.

On the back, we developed a program that allows to create custom light shows to any chosen song(-s) with variety of light transforming choices.

UX/UI design | iOS applications development | Project management


Is a social media platform that helps to meet new people, make new friends and explore while travelling. The app was designed to be intuitive while simultaneously having many features for the user.

UX/UI design | iOS applications development | Project management


Is a team of experts from the financial, tax and administrative law, banking specialists and securities operations.

UX/UI design | iOS applications development | Project management
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